Troy Firth

 Pennsylvania Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year

2013, Crawford, 90

The PA Tree Farm Committee is happy to announce the State’s 2013 Tree Farmer of the Year: Troy Firth. Troy has been actively managing his woodland properties for over forty years. He strives not only to grow the highest value timber on his woodlands, but also to maintain and enhance the most desirable ecosystems. What started as an original purchase of ninety acres of cutover woodland in Crawford County in the early 1970s has now swelled to over 6,000 acres of forest land in Northwestern Pennsylvania that is being actively managed to provide long term sustainable forests. From timber stand improvement thinning, to invasive species control, to access road construction and periodic timber sales… if it is an activity that enhances the productivity and health of one of his properties, Troy has actively sought to accomplish it. Troy has also been very outspoken in promoting good forest management on properties that he does not own: through newspaper and magazine articles, woodlot tours, cooperation with landowner associations, assisting with programs at forest landowner conferences, and in particular the Foundation for Sustainable Forests which he solely created in 2004 to promote and conserve forested landscapes. He has reached thousands of forested landowners and concerned citizens with his promotion of the advantages, both to the individual landowner and to society as a whole, of good long-term forest management. He is the epitome of what a good forest landowner could strive to be.